Avoid These Deadly FAFSA Mistakes
Controversial Report Discloses Closely-Guarded "Landmines" on the FAFSA Financial Aid Form That the Overpriced, Rip-off Colleges and Student Loan Companies Hope and Pray That You'll Never Learn...

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Andrew Lockwood, J.D.
Author, How to Pay "Wholesale" for College
Financial Aid Strategist
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Dear Fellow Parent:

     I've just written free report on how the college financial aid "game" really works - and how to get your hands on the grants and scholarships that you deserve.  For the next 45 days, I'm planning to give it away without any cost or obligation because it's too important to keep to myself.

     You'll learn about six deadly, money-losing mistakes you must avoid if you have any shot at qualifying for the grants and scholarships you deserve - and need.

     I've read studies that estimate between 40-53% of all eligible families never even bother filling out the financial aid application - probably because they think it's a waste of time...especially if they've filled out one of those dumb financial aid estimator tools that break bad news to you, but don't tell you what, if anything, you can do about it! 

     But they're leaving thousands of dollars in federal government grants, scholarships, tuition discounts and other financial aid on the table!

     Countless more needlessly settle for high-rate, high fee, rip-off student loans and borderline usurious Parent "PLUS" Loans - a subprime, predatory loan from Uncle Sam!

     The information is free because I want to thank you for giving my information a try.  And I really don't want you to be one of those families that misses out on meaningful financial aid dollars for no good reason at all.

     If you like what you learned, perhaps you'll be interested in investing in one of our products or services.  This way, you can "try before you buy"

     Either way, there's no risk or obligation on your part. 

     And the price - zero - can't be beat!

     Enjoy the report!


     P.S.  My intent is to remove this report sometime within the next 45 days, without notice.

Andrew Lockwood, J.D.
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